Goodyear Philippines

It was in 1919 when the Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company of Akron, Ohio, started and established operations here in the Philippines. In those days it also served as a central warehouse facility for tires and other Goodyear products sold by sales representatives in China, Japan, the Dutch Indies (today's Indonesia) and other Far East territories.

When the Stevenson Act was eased in 1928, lifting restrictions on the exportation of rubber seeds and planting material, Goodyear was the first to take advantage of the opportunity. The company brought in budded stumps from Sumatra to the Philippines. It was planted in the 1,020 hectares Goodyear nursery in Kabalasan, 80 miles from the port of Zamboanga.

With the exception of World War II, Goodyear activities in the Philippines increased steadily to where it finally led to the decision of building a manufacturing plant for production of tires, tubes, shoes and other rubber items.

It was in 1956 when the plant was built at a cost of $12 million-a considerable amount in those days-using almost entirely local materials. All the machinery and equipments were supplied by the parent company. The first tire produced, a 6.00-16 6PR developed for the Philippine jeepney, rolled-out on June 9, 1956 and was presented to President Ramon Magsaysay. The factory was inaugurated October 6, 1956, making it Goodyear's 13th established overseas subsidiary.

Goodyear has continued to expand throughout the years. In 1979, the Philippine National Oil Corporation (PNOC) purchased a minor equity in Goodyear Philippines, thus forging a strong link between the company and the country. This encouraged the company to work for the benefit not only of their shareholders, but also the Philippine nation.

It was in 1987 when Auto-Phil, the first fully operational Servitek outlet in the Philippines, opened in Dimasalang, Manila. It offers tire mounting, balancing, alignment and other tire services. To date, there are 118 Goodyear retail branded outlets in the country comprising of 1 Hi-Performance Center, 74 Servitek and 43 TyrePro.

In 2007, Goodyear launched the Autocare, a new retail format to replace Goodyear Servitek and Tyre in response to the evolving needs of local consumers. Goodyear Autocare is in the best position to leverage on this ever-important consideration with its wide range of Goodyear tire brands for all consumer needs and a commitment to professional automotive services that's guided by a mission to assure a safe journey for the motoring public.

Goodyear Autocare is a one-stop shop tire and automotive services provider, offering unrivalled value, professionalism and customer service. It builds on the value and good reputation established by the Goodyear Servitek in the last 20 years to deliver top value, professionalism and customer service for the motoring public. It moves beyond being a tire specialist to a one-stop auto care destination, leveraging on the proven expertise and reputation of the Goodyear brand.

Goodyear Autocare also offers a comprehensive range of tailored vehicle services, which includes the following: engine, car airconditioning, suspension; steering; brakes and tire services. A special program called the "35 Point Check" provides customers with a written vehicle inspection report that outlines key safety areas of their vehicle.

In 2009, Goodyear Philippines strengthened their commitment to motorsports with the launch of the Racing Zone store concept. Goodyear Racing is an exciting retail concept that addresses the specialized needs of car enthusiasts by offering Goodyear ultra high-performance Goodyear tires and original Goodyear Racing merchandise from the USA. Today, Goodyear's commitment to the Philippines is stronger than ever.

In 2010, they begin another chapter in their history for after 52 years in their Las PiƱas office, they open the doors to their new office in the middle of the fastest growing business districts in the country-the Fort Bonifacio Global City. With 110 dealers nationwide, Goodyear Philippines is poised to redefine the tire service industry through innovative products and excellent customer service that continues to be One Revolution Ahead.