• Wrangler HP AW

Goodyear Wrangler HP AW

When you want your vehicle to go anywhere, in any weather, you need a tire that won’t let you down. Wrangler HP AW is the true all-weather, high performance 4x4 tire, incorporating Goodyear’s unique weather reactive technology. The tire’s all-weather tread compound guarantees effective traction in dry and wet conditions, on or off the road. For peak performance under any conditions, the Wrangler HP enables your 4x4 to fulfill its true potential.
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SmartTRED Weather Reactive Technology provides amazing traction and shorter braking distances in wet conditions, and enhances fuel economy.

SilentBlock Design delivers progressive road contact and helps minimise noise for quiet comfort even as the tread wears over time.


SmartTRED Design
Adapts to road conditions for enhanced traction and stability.


SilentBlock Design
Helps minimize noise for quiet comfort even as the tread wears over time.

Available sizes

205/70R15 H 96
215/70R16 H 100
215/65R16 H 98
225/70R15 H 102
225/65R17 H 102
225/65R17 T 102
235/70R15 H 103
235/70R16 H 106
235/65R17 H 104
265/70R16 H 112