Corporate Social Responsibility

Here at Goodyear, we work hard to deliver the highest quality in all that we do; including the way we conduct our business. Here are our Shared Values that define what we expect of each other and ourselves:


  • We are committed to quality…in everything – or products, processes, service, behaviour and ethics.
  • We are committed to acting with honesty, integrity, and respect. We treat others the way we want to be treated, no exceptions.
  • We are committed to encouraging wellness and safety both on the job and away from work. We are a people enterprise, and we depend on the physical, mental and emotional health of all our associates to make Goodyear one of the best places to work.
  • We are committed to caring for our environment and communities…large and small. Our environment is not only the natural world, but also our factories, stores, offices and other places of business. Our communities are where we live and work, volunteer and help.
  • We are committed to a team-focused culture of learning. We promote sharing, best practices and a constant search for new ideas – next practices – both inside and outside the company.
  • We are committed to open, candid and transparent discussion of our problems. All associates should feel confident that they can raise issues, ask questions and point out problems without fear of repercussions. We don’t merely support or accept this behaviour, we encourage it. And once the problems are out in the open, we solve them with genuine teamwork, driven to solutions that will align with our common goals and objectives.
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