5 Simple Tire Checks for a Safe and Enjoyable Drive

There’s nothing worse than having your daily drive interrupted by tire trouble. To help make sure that every journey is smooth and comfortable, here are 5 important checks you can do to keep your tires in running order.

article check tyres


article check tyres

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Tire Pressure

Checking your tire pressure before a long drive can make for a safer, more comfortable trip without worrying about a flat. Regular monthly checks are more about maintaining the right tire pressure to keep your tires in good shape, longer

WHEN Once a month and always before long drives

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Tread Wear

It is inevitable for tire treads to wear out over time but checking them regularly helps you keep track of uneven or excessive wearing that reduces grip and makes driving very dangerous. Monthly checks can also let you know when it’s time for new tires.

WHEN Once a month

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number 3
Tire Alignment

Misaligned tires can lead to your treads wearing out faster and unevenly, which can compromise your safety. Have your tire alignment checked every time you bring your car in for servicing to ensure you’ll always get a safer drive.

WHEN Every time you go for servicing

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number 4
Tire Balance

Checking your tire balance regularly can help prevent irregular and uneven tire wear, giving you a smoother and safer ride. This will also help your tires last longer, helping you save money.

WHEN After the first 5,000 km and every 10,000 km after

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number 5
Tire Valves

An oft-overlooked part of your tires; the valve is very important in keeping your tires airtight. Just like the rest of your tire, it will deteriorate over time and can cause leaks so be sure to change your valves when you get new tires.

WHEN Every time you change your tires