Goodyear Technology


The technology behind the tires

With over 100 years of innovation powering our designs, every Goodyear tire you purchase is built with the latest technologies to provide the best driving experience. Read what each of these technologies can do and learn in which tires you can find them.


ActiveBraking Technology

ActiveBraking Technology uses an innovative three-dimensional tread block design to increase contact between tire and road during hard braking. The result is shorter braking distance on both wet and dry roads.


See how the ActiveBrake Technology improves the performance of the Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2.


Durawall Technology

Durawall Technology helps make the sidewalls of our tires more resistant to cuts and punctures.


This exclusive technology has proven its mettle in the Wrangler AT Adventure tire.


FuelSaving Technology

FuelSaving Technology combines a lightweight structure and optimised tire shape with an advanced tread compound to reduce the energy required to roll. This lowers fuel consumption and cuts CO2 emissions.


FuelSaving Technology is found in both the Assurance TripleMax and Assurance FuelMax tires.


HydroGrip Technology

With HydroGrip Technology, you can count on maximum grip, control and braking ability in wet weather conditions.


This latest grip technology innovation helps the Assurance TripleMax cut braking distance on wet roads.


QuietTred Technology

The latest evolution of QuietTred Technology helps minimise tire noise and reduce vibrations using noise dampening tread design as well as optimised cavity and carcass design.


It has helped the EfficientGrip and EfficientGrip SUV tires deliver exceptional driving experiences.


SilentArmor Technology

SilentArmor Technology employs a super absorbent layer made with Dupont™ Kevlar™ between the tire’s tread and underlying belts, bringing you a smoother and quieter riding experience.


This technology is now bolstering the resistance of the Wrangler AT/SA tire to cuts and punctures.


SmartTred Weather Reactive Technology

SmartTred Weather Reactive Technology features performance-specific tread zones that enable the tire to adapt to different road and weather conditions.


This unique technology is showing its versatility in the Wrangler HP AW tire.


SportGrip Technology

SportGrip Technology offers precise handling and responsive grip supported by tread design and compound innovations. This means you’ll enjoy more responsive steering, less deformation when cornering and an incredible grip on wet roads.


Check out the difference it’s making in the Eagle F1 Directional 5.


TredLife Technology

TredLife Technology makes use of tread compound innovation and tread depth design. This results in outstanding mileage and prevents irregular wear during the life of the tire.


Find out more about this technology in the Assurance DuraPlus and DuraPlus tires.


TractiveGroove Technology™                      

TractiveGroove Technology™ provides enhanced traction in deep mud and snow.


RunOnFlat technology

Our revolutionary RunOnFlat technology lets you drive for up to 80km on a flat tire. Reinforced sidewalls in the tire can support your car’s weight even with zero air pressure. Which means that instead of making dangerous roadside tire changes, you can drive to a safe place to change them.