Goodyear Assurance MaxGuard SUV

2-IN-1 Protection
with ActiveGrip and DuraGuard Technology

The Assurance MaxGuard SUV offers 2-in-1 protection, with ActiveGrip Technology delivering superior grip for shorter braking distance on wet roads, as well as DuraGuard Technology to protect against damage that could be caused by unexpected road hazards.

Excellent wet road performance with ActiveGrip Technology

Strong and durable with DuraGuard Technology
DurabilityDurabilitySuperior GripSuperior GripWet PerformanceWet Performance

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ActiveGrip Technology with improved grip compound and optimized tread design to deliver shorter wet braking and wet handling performance.
DuraGuard Technology with 2 ply construction and a stronger steel belt package to ensure stronger impact protection against unexpected road hazards that cause cuts and punctures.

Available sizes

Rim SizeTire SizeCar Fitment
15205/70R15 96H ASSU MAXGUARD SUVHilux
15235/70R15 103H ASSU MAXGUARD SUVCrosswind
16215/70R16 100H ASSU MAXGUARD SUVStarex, Escape
16215/65R16 98H ASSU MAXGUARD SUVRush, Alphard
16265/70R16 112H ASSU MAXGUARD SUVFortuner, Navara
16245/70R16 111H ASSU MAXGUARD SUV XLD-Max, Trailblazer, Triton
16225/70R16 103H ASSU MAXGUARD SUVCarnival
16235/60R16 100H ASSU MAXGUARD SUVCR-V, RAV4, Tucson, Sportage, Captiva
16235/70R16 106H ASSU MAXGUARD SUVTribute
17235/65R17 108V ASSU MAXGUARD SUV XLCR-V, Santa Fe
17225/60R17 99V ASSU MAXGUARD SUVTucson, Sportage, X-Trail, XV, Forester
17265/65R17 112H ASSU MAXGUARD SUVFortuner, Montero Sport
17225/65R17 102V ASSU MAXGUARD SUVCR-V, Xtrail, Rav4, Vitara
17245/65R17 111H ASSU MAXGUARD SUV XLStrada
18225/60R18 100V ASSU MAXGUARD SUVVitara, Lexus NX
18225/55R18 107W ASSU MAXGUARD SUV XLTucson, Outlander
18265/60R18 110V ASSU MAXGUARD SUVColorado, Trailblazer, Ranger, Strada, Montero Sport
18235/60R18 107W ASSU MAXGUARD SUV XLCX-7, Santa Fe, CR-V