Goodyear GT3

The GT3 is about comfort. And value. But most importantly, the GT3 is about giving you the safest tires we know how to build. Its innovative Bubble BladeTM tread block design works equally well in wet or dry conditions, while tie-bars enhance the car's handling in just about any situation. This radial tire is for the driver whose priorities match our priorities- safety, comfort and peace of mind.
MileageMileageSuperior Braking PerformanceSuperior Braking PerformanceWet/Dry PerformanceWet/Dry Performance

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bubble-bladeBubble BladeTM design
Improves braking on wet and dry roads
shoulder-bladesSingle block shoulder and radial shoulder blades
Excellent grip in all weather conditions
enhance-tread-compoundEnhance tread compound
Longer lasting tire tread
sequenceNew pitching sequence
Smooth, quiet driving
centerline-tie-barsCenterline tie-bars
Superior handling

Available sizes

175/65R15 T 82