Goodyear Hi-Miler CT163

One of Goodyear's latest generation Mileage Lug-Medium Truck tire which emphasizes high traction, applied on drive position for higher, mixed and off-road service and on steer position for off the road service.

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Features Benefits
Optimum groove tapered angle Stone holding & chip/chunk resistance
Deep radial groove with round edges Traction, lug tear resistance
Long sidewall flutes and decoration notches Weight saving and cooling
Maximized Center Groove Balance wear, Net/Gross advantage

Available sizes

Rim Size Ply Rating / Load Index
15” 7.50-15 14PR
16” 7.00-16 12PR
7.50-16 14PR
8.25-16 14PR
20” 9.00-20 14PR
11.00-20 16PR