Goodyear Hi-Miler G2020

Goodyear's latest generation Premium Rib Design MCT which empasizes higher mileage with its deeper tread (DT), applied on steer position for highway, and on all-position on Intra & Intercity bus

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Features Benefits
5 Rib Design Higher Mileage
Deeper Non-skid and Wide Grooves Extra Mileage, Durability and Better Traction
Humped center groove tread pattern Provides lateral stability
Crack Resistant Carcass High recap potential and penetration resistance. High durability
Optimum Groove Tapered
Stone Holding resistance
Long Sidewall Flutes and Decoration Notches and depth of internal and external ribs Relieves Heat Generation
Groove amplitude Optimized reduced irregular wear
Blading and Scribe Lines New tire appearance, reduced irregular wear and more rubber on the road

Available sizes

LTB 7.00-15 10PR
LTB 8.25-16 14PR
LTB 7.50-15 12PR
LTB 7.50-15 14PR
LTB 7.00-15 12PR
LTB 7.00-16 10PR
MCT 9.00-20 14PR
MCT 10.00-20 14PR
MCT 8.25-20 14PR
MCT 10.00-20 16PR
ULTB 6.00-14 8PR
ULTB 6.50-14 8PR
ULTB 6.40-13 8PR
ULTB 7.50-14 8PR