Goodyear S200+

High mileage and lower cost per kilometer, even wear and longer tread life, high retreadability and creating better value for casing


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  • Specially formulated compound for Asian road conditions
  • Enlarged contact patch
  • New groove blading design
  • Tuned contact patch
  • Tapered directional groove blades
  • Extra wide shoulder design and edge blading
  • New steel belt cord design coupled with high tensile steel belt cord, allow better coating of rubber around the steel cords
  • 4 belts construction
  • Strengthened bead bundle


  • Improves wear resistance and provide excellent mileage
  • Provides better grip
  • Strengthen the tread area, effectively reduce damages and improves mileage
  • Improves footprint, effectively avoid shoulder uneven wear and improves mileage
  • Helps in distributing the pressure evenly across tread area and prolong tread life
  • prevent uneven wear
  • Helps to eliminate rusting problem due to moisture and prolong the casing life.
  • Helps to reduce damage due to penetration and provide more protection to the casing
  • Enhance casing durability improves retreadability

Available sizes

Rim Size Ply Rating / Load Index
17.5” 9.5 R17.5 129/127M
20” 10.00 R20 146/143K
11.00 R20 150/147K
22.5” 9 R22.5 136/134M
11 R22.5 148/145M
12 R22.5 152/148L
295/80 R22.5 152/149M
315/80 R22.5 156/151L