Goodyear Wrangler MT/R WITH KEVLAR

The Wrangler MT/R with Kevlar is Goodyear’s first off-road tire to incorporate DuPont Kevlar, an innovative material that’s pound for pound, five times stronger than steel. This brings superb sidewall cut and puncture assistance to an area of the tire that demands extra toughness when driving off-road. It also helps reinforce the sidewall for when you return to the pavement.
DurabilityDurabilityExcellent HandlingExcellent HandlingOff-RoadOff-RoadSuperior GripSuperior Grip
Engineered in the USA

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Available sizes

LT265/75 R16123/120Q
LT285/75 R16126/123Q
LT305/70 R16124/121Q
LT315/75 R16121Q
LT245/70 R17119/116Q
LT285/70 R17121/118Q
35X12.50 R17111Q
37X12.50 R17124Q
35X12.5 R18123Q