5 Ways To Help Your New Tires Last Longer

So you’ve just bought a new set of tires for your car and you’re ready to hit the road. Before you do that, here are a few things to keep in mind to make sure your new tires last longer and also keep you and your loved ones safe on the road.



Drive smoothly
As simple as this sounds, the way you drive your car greatly affects how your tires wear and how long they’ll last. Smoother gear changes, gentler braking, acceleration and cornering can all help to prevent unnecessary wear to your tires.


Be aware of where you drive
Another thing that you can do to help prolong the life of your new tires is to pay attention to the road surface and your surroundings. Whether it’s potholes, uneven roads or even just not parking too close to a kerb, being careful when you drive not only keeps you safe but gives your tires a longer lifespan too.


Keep your tires properly inflated
If your tires are under inflated, they create excess heat and this can lead to blowouts and make them more likely to puncture. Inversely, if your tires are over inflated, blowouts can happen too due to over pressure and your treads will wear out a lot faster. That’s why making sure your tires are properly inflated lets them last longer, and keeps you safer.


Get your wheels aligned
When your wheels are out of alignment, your tire treads will wear out unevenly. This makes one part of the tire weaker and more likely to get damaged. By getting your tires aligned regularly, you can help make sure your treads wear evenly and last longer.


Check your tires for tread wear
It’s inevitable for the rubber on your tires to wear off the longer you drive. But what you can do to make sure that the treads wear evenly is to bring them in for check annually. This will not only let you take the necessary actions to prevent uneven tread wear, it also keeps you updated on the state of your tires and how safe they are.