Goodyear S800

Latest technology for excellent mileage, reinforced casing for a better retreadability, and unique urban service tread pattern for better handling performance.

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  • Specifically designed for All Season use in UrbanMax technology-combining latest technological materials ,dedicated tread patterns and durable carcass constructions.
  • Non-intrusive shoulder & edge blading
  • Deep non-skid grooves
  • Reinforced bead for Stop-Go application
  • Flexomatic blading
  • Wide tread with five robust ribs
  • Reinforced construction


  • For improved fleet efficiency
  • Enhance damage resistance wear evenly.
  • For better wear rate and provide and provide longer mileage
  • Improve casing durability and durability.
  • This will reduce the possibility of rusting due to moisture
  • to resist curb scuffing and enhance durability and damage resistance
  • For superb mileage and manoeuvrability
  • for better precision driving and road safety

Available sizes

RimSizePly Rating / Load Index
22.5”275/70 R22.5148/152E