Truck and Bus Radial


04 Jan 2024

Steer and All Positions, Regional Haul application. With a high rubber content in the palm and deeper grooves so that the durability of the palm increases and the mileage is more optimal Read More

Goodyear S200+

15 Jul 2020

High mileage and lower cost per kilometer, even wear and longer tread life, high retreadability and creating better value for casing. Read More


15 Jul 2020

Goodyear’s flagship highway tire, the G667+ is Goodyear’s long-standing, proven tire known for its high mileage and reliable traction on highway and paved roads. Read More

Goodyear S800

15 Jul 2020

Latest technology for excellent mileage, reinforced casing for a better retreadability, and unique urban service tread pattern for better handling performance. Read More


15 Jul 2020

With enhanced carcass for heavy duty performance and specific pattern design for reduced stone holding, perfect for middle and short distance heavy duty hauls. Read More